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Unit4 PSA Practice & Project Management Solution

Next-generation Practice Management built on Dynamics for Sales. A single application to manage and optimize your end-to-end business from funnel to cash. Discover a better way to work, freeing your people to focus on what matters: their success and yours.


One integrated solution from funnel to cash

A purposeful front end driving seamless business slow from lead management to invoicing. Set yourself up for success by focusing on the right customer and resources. Execute flawlessly, on time and on budget to delight customers. Gain control over business processes, utilization, and project accounting. 

Strong fundamentals to power thriving practices

Cloud Native

Optimized modern cloud architecture, fully secured by Microsoft, and experience backed solution design

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Front end focused

Built within CRM connecting projects to accounts, with the flexibility of any 3rd party financial backend. 

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Powered by Microsoft

Built within Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, with native access to Office 365 and collaboration applications

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    Setup for Success

    Setup a thriving practice. From onboarding of strategic customers to resourcing the right skill sets, ensure that your business is engaged and enabled to drive success 
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    Sales Management

    Amplify customer engagement and focus to improve win rates. Track customer details and engagement velocity in a safe and easy way. Sales Management covers:

    • Integration with Outlook
    • Lead to Project workflow
    • Lead and Opportunity Management

    Customer Onboarding

    Ensure onboarding strategic customers that fit your sweet-spot. Assess client risk, be aligned to internal customer policies, and compliant with anti-money laundering regulations. Customer Onboardings covers:

    • Client onboarding and risk profile
    • Service assignment
    • AML / CFT survey

    Capacity Management

    Ensure you are well resourced to deliver on customer engagements. Manage and gain insights into all key people attributes important for your practice (e.g. hourly rates, contract type, skills, etc.)

      Execute Flawlessly

      Empower your people with the right tools to maximize productivity and get a 360-degree view of client engagements. Achieve operational excellence, essential in a highly competitive world, to stay ahead of the field
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      Budgeting, Planning and Execution

      Ensure project plans are setup in line with budgets. Stay on top of project performance, maximize budgets, and prioritize most valuable deliverables for your customers. Budgeting, Planning, and Execution covers:

      • Project Creation using templates
      • Budget Management
      • Project Planning
      • Performance Reporting

      Resource Management

      Optimize resource scheduling and utilization, with full visibility into current workload and backlog. Make changes in real-time to ensure the right engagements have the right people. Resource Management covers:

      • Gantt Chart
      • Skill based planning
      • Resource scheduling
      • Utilization sheet

      Time and Expense

      Improve the accuracy of time and expense tracking. Enable your people with tools that save time and effort required to register time on projects. Never chase a timesheet ever again! Time and Expense covers:

      • Employee Dashboard
      • Outlook Agenda integration
      • Travel Expense
      • Instant Time Entry

        Gain Control

        Deploy the right checks and balances for better control over your practice financials. Manage approvals on exceptions and leverage automated invoicing so that your people are not spending time on administration while still optimizing your cash position
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        Approval Management

        Stay on top of changes (resources, time, and expenses) as engagements progress. Gain control with meaninful approval processes. Approval Management covers:

        • Reallocate Hours
        • Performance reporting
        • Admin approval 

        Invoice Management

        Maximize your cash position with on-time and precise invoicing. Leverage multiple invoicing options (e.g. T&M, Milestone-based, Subscription, etc.). Reduce WIP, and manage project accounting. Invoice Management covers:

        • WIP Management
        • 9 Contract types
        • Performance reporting
        • Invoice creation

        Business Central Integration

        Our standard integration with Business Central offers your firm the best of both worlds.  Business Central Integration covers:

        • Invoice payment 
        • Cash receipt
        • Purchase invoicing
        • Project expense

        Tiered solution that scales with you

        We understand that all businesses are not the same and different business maturities come with different challenges. Choose the right starting point 4U
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        Free Trial

        No Strings Attached

        Try a basic standard setup for Unit4 PSA out of the box completely free. You will not want to go back! 

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        A Quick Business Start

        Get your core business setup, and benefit from full visibility of your pipeline, projects, people and success 

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        Step into Practice Management

        Access full suite of PSA functionality. Gain visibility and control over each aspect of your practice and step into the future

        Got Your Attention!

        Let's talk about what Unit4 PSA can do for you. Request a personal demo with one of our industry experts!